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This is a summary of what we do when you are buying a house.  

Each transaction is different so please ask if you have any questions.


Contacting the Seller’s Solicitors


We will firstly write to the seller’s solicitors requesting;

  • a draft contract

  • replies to Property Information Forms

  • a fixtures and fittings list

  • Official copy entries from the Land Registry, or copies of the title deeds.


If it is a leasehold property we will also ask for a copy of the lease, 3 years management accounts (if applicable) and a current buildings insurance policy.


Receive draft contract and supporting papers


As soon as we receive the draft contract and other documents, we will check that everything is in order. There will usually be extra questions to ask.


Pay local search fee


An important part of the enquiries involves us obtaining detailed information from the local authority about planning and other issues which are relevant to the property. You will have to pay a fee for this. The results of the local search may prompt the need for additional questions to be asked, most commonly the need for copies of any planning permissions.


Receive replies from seller’s solicitor


Once all of the information is received from the seller’s solicitors, we can approve the contract and send a copy back to the sellers for them to sign.


Receive mortgage offer from lender


As well as acting for you, we will act for the bank or building society offering you your mortgage. We will need formal instructions from the lender before we can exchange contracts.


Make appointment to sign contract


We will need to explain to you all of the information that has been received and the responsibilities you will have as an owner and a borrower.  We always prefer to meet face to face when possible.   It is at this time that you will be asked to sign the contract and other paperwork.


Pay deposit


A deposit will be required from you by the seller’s solicitor. This is usually between 5% and 10% of the purchase price. If you are also selling a property, the deposit paid to you by your buyers can sometimes be used. If not, we will request funds from you at this point.


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