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Criminal law, in its various aspects, is a complex subject.


Everyone is entitled to free legal advice and assistance by a

solicitor if they are questioned by the police at a police station,

whether they have been arrested or not. This can be provided

either by a Duty Solicitor or by a solicitor of your own choice.


Fairbrother & Darlow have a contract with the Criminal Defence Service (CDS), so you can be represented by this firm and you will not have to pay for the advice and representation that you receive whilst at the police station.


Once you have asked for legal advice, the police normally must not question you and you need not answer any questions until you have spoken to a solicitor. You can ask the police to contact this office and arrange for a representative to attend the police station to assist you.


When you arrive at the police station, they will give you an information sheet telling you about your rights. Make sure that you read and understand it.


If you know you will need to go to a police station, it is worth consulting with one of our solicitors first, to help you prepare for your interview. For expert advice in relation to criminal matters please contact us.

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"You reassured me with your high level of professionalism and kind nature." 


Criminal Law / Police Station Advice


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