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The Remortgage Process


We can assist you with the legal aspects of re-mortgaging your home.  

The legal process is similar to buying a house as your new lender will

still want the legal title to the house checked.  But as you are the only

party to the transaction, it will happen more quickly.


Once we receive your new mortgage offer, we will check the amount needed to pay off your old mortgage to make sure there is enough. We will carry out any searches needed and then ask you to call into the office to sign the Mortgage papers.


We will then set a date to complete the mortgage and prepare a statement to show all the financial details.  On receipt of your approval to the completion statement, we will request mortgage advance and confirm the completion date to you.




We will pay off your existing mortgage and distribute any additional funds in accordance with your completion statement.


After completion, we will register your new mortgage at the Land Registry and send you copies of your updated Title Deeds once this has been finalised.

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